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Event: 2RC Hungary/National Team - Trainingscamp in Greece
Location/Date: Loutraki / Greece
12 - 26 March 2002
Participants: 2RC Team Rider: Ferenc Dobos
National Team of Hungary
Ferenc' Trainingsdetails: 14-3-2002:
1st training: 3.38.54 – 80.92 km – HR avg.: 131 – HR max: 168 – 2881 kcal.
2nd training: 1.41.00 – 30.86 km – HR avg.: 110 – HR max: 155 – 710 kcal.
1st training: 4.40.36 – 121.1 km – HR avg.: 125 – HR max: 164 – 3315 kcal.
2nd training: 1.04.37 – 19.44 km – HR avg.: 104 – HR max: 139 – 521 kcal.
1st training: 4.05.06 – 82.64 km – HR avg.: 123 – HR max: 172 – 2658 kcal.
2nd training: 1.36.27 – 30.00 km – HR avg.: 123 – HR max: 164 – 1050 kcal.
1st training: 3.59.22 – 114.69 km – HR avg.: 129 – HR max: 172 – 3085 kcal.
2nd training: 1.00.50 – 18.48 km – HR avg.: 109 – HR max: 149 – 555 kcal.
1st training: 1.39.24 – 32.27 km – HR avg.: 102 – HR max: 143 – 779 kcal.
1st training: 4.07.03 – 88.77 km – HR avg.: 132 – HR max: 174 – 3203 kcal.
2nd training: 1.09.31 – 20 km – HR avg.: 104 – HR max: 132 – 514 kcal.
1st training: 5.35.33 – 138.27 km – HR avg.: 130 – HR max: 165 – 4475 kcal.
2nd training: 1.00.49 – 16.43 km – HR avg.: 111 – HR max: 139 – 624 kcal.
1st training: 6.23.49 – 155.1 km – HR avg.: 120 – HR max: 155 – 4432 kcal.
1st training: 1.18.14 – 28.1 km – HR avg.: 96 – HR max: 138 – 510 kcal.
2nd training: 1.03.28 – 19.54 km – HR avg.: 106 – HR max: 137 – 566 kcal.
1st training: 2.33.39 – 47.93 km – HR avg.: 133 – HR max: 174 – 2032 kcal.
2nd training: 2.38.16 – 51.82 km – HR avg.: 123 – HR max: 171 – 1858 kcal.
Highlights: Training camp in Hungarian style. Why? We try to arrange everything as cheap as possible, so it happens sometimes that we suck. Of course the organizer wants to win as much as he or she can.

First of all the most important for me that this was the present from my sweatheart, Szilvia, to my 30th birthday, so I cannot have any bad words about the camp. On the other hand a dream came true to have two weeks for cycling and training with the Hungarian National MTB team on a beautiful area. Hm, training with my friend, Janos Vizdak, as the trainings were not managed in a proper way. It was not a big deal as most of the participants has it own training plan.

The hole two weeks were perfect expect the last day, when we had terrible weather. Cold and never ending rain. So it really screwed up our plan for a long, 7 hour ride with a perfect hill climb from sea level up to 1600m.

Overall on 8 training days and 2 recovery days I rode 50.45 hours, 1095 km, burn 33527 kcal.

Negative experiences:
  • 32-hour bus trip from Budapest to Loutraki. We avoided crossing Montenegro, as the visa costs 70$.
  • Very strict speed control in Serbia and Bulgaria. We were fined for speeding. Very bad breakfast. We had the same for two weeks. 2 rolls, ham and cheese, coffee or tea, jam
  • Bad dinner. Very spicy and heavy. I had stomack problem, needed to buy some medicine
  • Weak leadership from the organizer. He did not stand by us. He did not asked for better food.
  • Pipe was leaking in the bathroom, so the room above us used the toilet we got a shower. I complained at least 5 times. No change.
  • No crosswalks for pedestrians.
  • Inexperienced bus drivers. They did not know the ‘habits’ on the borders. So we sucked there a lot. We should have waiting for hours.
  • On 23 March, Saturday, we had bad weather so we asked the tour leader to prepare for the worst – as it happened – and plan for the leaving one day before (on 24th March) as scheduled. They refuse the wish of the entire group. So we tried to push through our wish on the 24th, when it was raining all day. Again we were refused. Why? The tour leader is the BOSS, so we have to do what HE ORDERS. Fuck we paid the money. Anyway – the BOSS told - the bus drivers got drunk on Saturday evening so they cannot drive.
  • We cannot use the toilet on the bus. So it happened, that somebody was in real trouble, so used it. The drivers tried to intimidate us to charge the cleaning on the us. Sorry we paid for a bus in 100% condition. Meaning the toilet could be used for even shit in it.
  • Janos had 3 punctures within 30 minutes on concrete road.

Positive experience:

  • I am feeling okay.
  • The restaurant where we had dinner realized that something wrong going on, as we sent back the meals. They find a Hungarian girl working in a hotel to translate and find out what we need.
  • Beautiful landscape and scenery. Nice location. 5 km from Korinthos and 80 km from Athens. Nice hills and mountains. Wonderful seashore. Good weather.
  • Dream came true. Two weeks of mountain biking, even on road, not much of offroad ride, was perfect. I could really charge up myself with power, aims, hopes, willing….Convince myself again that I want to do something for the MTB here in Hungary. That the job I do and enjoy is not the purpose of my life, but a chance to reach what I want.
  • The Greek people are very calm and helpful. Even the car drivers. When we asked which way to go they even turn back with their car and showed the way. However it happens that they did not even know where we are and cannot show it on the map. Maps are terrible. We had one but with that we lost our way, so we had to rode 35 km on highway. Was no problem. Cars did not even hoot.
  • When we had puncture cars stopped if they could helps us. It would not happen in Hungary.

Janos and the hill

Ferenc and his favorite hill

Ferenc on a bridge

On a rainy day


The great team

The talent

The star

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